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Sun Kil Moon – Benji

Benji is Mark Kozelek’s finest record yet, and revels in the brevity of life and the significance of human connection. Life is short, then, at some point you can’t possibly anticipate, you die; but on the plus side, human connection gives us the opportunity to transcend death and gives life meaning. That’s Benji in a [...]

Holy Ghost! – Dynamics

Death From Above has been behind some of the greatest disco and dance albums of the last 13 or so years. The founder of the label, James Murphy, has not only made some of the most iconic albums of the genre with his old band LCD Soundsystem, but is also presently working with artists as [...]

Cata9tales – Hello Maybe Everything

There is no disputing that Berkley Priest (vocals) and Keator (beats) – better known as Cata9tales – are a force to be reckoned with. The Baltimore/Virginia duo broke out in the music scene in 2011, with their unique infusion of hip-hop, funk, electronic and rock which earned them huge respect: they were Coast2Coast Mixtape Showcase [...]

Thomas Doncker Band – Power of the Trinity…A Slight Return

This EP is for charity. The 1Hundred Girls Impact Plan provides support for young women in Ethiopia, and profits made on this will go straight to them. We can all agree that is one good thing about this group, now onto the music. The Thomas Doncker Band consists in 11 musicians, including the man himself [...]

Goodbye, Zen 5, Sushi Dinner – EdTang and The Chops

New Jersey band EdTang and The Chops have generated a lot of attention in their hometown with the album Goodbye, Zen 5, Sushi Dinner. This album also featured on Sirius XM Channel The Loft. Mastered by Alan Douches (who also produced albums for big acts including Fleetwood Mac, My Morning Jacket and The Slackers) Goodbye, [...]

Deviations – Aurganic

Aurganic spans from a life-time friendship of Mike Kossov (vocals, guitars, bass, keys, programming) and Leo Pisaq (synths, keys, programming, guitars, engineering), bringing together their unflappable love for electronica, art rock and jazz. However it took awhile before the Toronto/New York act reached the point of discovering their signature infusion. Originally high school classmates, they [...]

Jason Bonthron – Cyclops

Jason Bonthron is a New Jersey native/post-punk artist, and he’s gathered a long list of collaborators for his new 8-track album entitled “Cyclops”. Jason plays bass and shares vocal duties with Danielle Strauss. Also featured are multiple drummers, guitars, saxophone, banjo, violin and even a dulcimer. Opening track “AM Radio” features Danielle on vocals and [...]

The Gabriel Construct – Interior City

The Gabriel Construct is not your average musical project to say the least. It is the solo work of Gabriel Lucas Riccio, and before you conjure up images of the “solo musician/producer” holed up in his basement trying to imitate Trent Reznor, know that this is entirely different. While The Gabriel Construct’s debut album “Interior [...]

My Woshin Mashin – Evil Must Die

I wouldn’t listen to a group that are only going to offer one sound. When I came across this Russian-German, electro-industrial hard-core trio I was uncertain what kind of levels they would take the listener; the industrial world is a niche market. In the end, however, I wasn’t let down, indeed I was rather surprised. [...]

Leo Drioli – Give It Your Love

If you have heard of Leo Drioli it’s likely you have in fact read one of his articles. A well-respected spiritualist leader in Australia and a collaborator of Dino Jag’s, Drioli is continuing his work in other mediums, in particular music. His new single Give It Your Love isn’t what I was expecting. A fun, [...]