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Written by on March 31, 2012

Life has gotten ever busier. As a way to try and keep up with some movies you may have missed (or should stay away from) Redbox: Quick Reviews is here to help. Instead of category scoring, the scores will be based on the films’ overall quality.

Killer Elite

This movie has plenty of star power, between Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro. Statham and DeNiro work well together and help make the movie enjoyable. Statham shows that he is (in my opinion) the best action star in Hollywood. But what hurts the film is its plot. Killer Elite’s story felt like it was taken from almost every other hit-man film that has ever been done. But aside from that, the action and fight sequences make up for it. The best one is an excellent fight between Statham and Owen that ends with one of them getting kicked in the jewels.

Verdict: give it a rent.

Score: 75

Scorpion King 3:Battle for Redemption

Why oh why did I rent this movie?! The Scorpion King franchise is one that should not exist. It should have been a one time spin-off film to the Mummy series and nothing else. But since there are fans that liked The Scorpion King, films studios have churned out a prequel/origin film and now a “proper” sequel. The problem with SC3: Battle for Redemption is just about everything. The acting is so bad not even the great Ron Pearlman good save it. What comes out of the characters’ mouths is generic and comically bad. It feels as if the studio took the script for a completely different film and slapped on a label with the Scorpion King name on it. The one saving grace to this B-movie should have been the action. But sadly no. Scenes may have been humongous in scale, but the actual fighting was almost un-watchable thanks to the unnecessary over-use of a slow down effect which occurs every fives seconds.

Verdict: Pass.

Score: 30


 This film was brought to the states in limited theaters. Headlined as Jackie Chan’s 100th film (a milestone for sure), 1911 is a bit of a bore. It is interesting to see Chan take on more roles in his later years that are focused on his acting, which he can do to a degree, and less on his stunt work. The history behind the founding of the Republic of China and the overthrowing of the Qing Dynasty is interesting, but unfortunately the way it’s told is confusing. We see scenes from three sides: the battlefield with Jackie Chan and both sides of the political battlefield. This would not have been a problem if the film did not jump to each side every other scene, lending one act of the movie be on the battlefield and the other acts to the political view of the uprising.

Verdict: If you can keep up with the story 1911 is worth the rent.

Score: 60