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Written by on September 21, 2011

In case you had forgotten how HIMYM ended last year (I had), Bays and Thomas nicely gave us some recaps mid-first episode. Lily is pregnant, Barney decided he is, in fact, not just a sex robot, and Ted got rid of that terrible girlfriend who I cannot for the life of me remember the name of who ruined the entirety of last season. Not what you would call a great jumping off point.

I guess I don’t know what to do with this show. I really really have liked it in the past. The concept of the show is funny, the actors are good, the writing team seems credible…but where is it all going? Ted was this hopeless romantic desperate to fall in love and get married and it’s somehow plausible that the womanizing, barely-human Barney (not that I don’t love him) is going to get married first? And what is with being stuck in time? I’ll admit, I used to enjoy the little glimpses into the near future, they were funny, plus I thought they might actually go somewhere. Damnit, Ted still has that stupid yellow umbrella from eons ago. And here we are in the opening, stuck in the same wedding that started off last season, but we’ve only advanced 5 minutes. We spent an entire season advancing 300 seconds into the major storyline of the show. It’s not okay, even as a comedy.

At least we know that it’s Barney’s wedding, which was pretty much the speculation of everyone, but whatever. Now we get to have the tortured, long drawn out mystery of who he’s marrying. Clearly it’s between Norah and Robin and if the first episode had you thinking it might be Robin, shame on you for believing that. This whole first episode was pointing that way and of course the writers zig hard after making everyone thinking they were zagging. But that’s nothing new in TV land. And in the second we get to be set up for what has to be the next relationship reversal. I would be very surprised that if after 10-12 episodes of Norah and Barney, there wasn’t some switch back to Robin and a reveal that she’s Barney’s bride.

I realize now that I haven’t really reviewed these episodes, but well, I’m new at this. There was funny stuff (Ted as a terrible toaster, Marshall drunk, Marshall declaring that he’ll never be drunk again, Beercules!, Barney going over sex lies, Marshall drunk again, Barney holed up in the diner) and bad stuff (Autotune joke, anything with Punchy, Barney/Robin dance sequence, Robin not getting the obviously fake Lenny Kravitz, anything with that creep Pete).

Man, I sound really down on this show. Yes, on the wide view, I’m disappointed that they keep pushing off the point of the show. But the individual episodes are still quite enjoyable. And I’ll keep watching, hoping against hope that they resolve the major storylines and remain funny, but knowing that giving me some laughs is likely the only thing they’ll be able to do.


Review: 68