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Bioshock Infinite Written by on April 2, 2013

Bioshock Infinite garnered so much hype that I expected a cameo from Gordon Freeman. And like an actual city hovering in the clouds, the majesty and pure invincibility involved in Bioshock Infinite’s media and community presence was so over-stated that it launched with an almost Titanic-esque fanfare; none of us wanted it to crash, but wouldn’t it [...]

Psych Written by on March 20, 2013

I normally don’t review every TV episode I watch; if I did, chances are I’d never be away from the keyboard. But sometimes, an exceptional episode passes by, whether it be fantastic or outright terrible. “Lassie Jerky” was one of those episodes, found early on in this recent season of Psych. I won’t be cruel either [...]

House of Cards Written by on March 18, 2013

Netflix doesn’t mess around. They did the research, crunched the numbers, and determined two things. One, that Arrested Development had enough of a following that its return would net them huge profits. And secondly, that House of Cards was a marriage of so many universally-loved elements that it had to bring in viewers. In a way, they [...]

Tomb Raider Written by on March 12, 2013

Lara Croft needed a re-boot to be relevant, and wow did she get one. Tomb Raider was one of the underdogs this year that could have easily been a cash grab, re-invigorating the franchise for already-made fans. Yet, thanks to a robust twelve hours of gameplay, some cool set pieces and shockingly smooth combat mechanics, Tomb Raider [...]

How to Destroy Angels Written by on March 11, 2013

Trent Reznor is a machine. Whether pounding out albums as the renowned Nine Inch Nails, scoring David Fincher films, or playing around with his matrimonial side project How to Destroy Angels, it seems Reznor literally cannot stop making music. For fans of his well-established industrial style, it’s almost a dream too good to be true; [...]

The Walking Dead Written by on February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead has extended so far from its graphic novel backgrounds that it’s starting to make me uncomfortable. I mean that in a good way. One of the things I love about watching a show like Game of Thrones is its unpredictability; I know what’s going to happen, and in many cases I even know what [...]

New Girl Written by on February 20, 2013

Season 2 of New Girl has so far been fairly hit or miss. Schmidt is falling naturally into the realm of self-caricature. Winston can’t seem to find a compelling story to save his life. And the Nick/Jess dynamic is moving slowly from “will-they-won’t-they” to “when-will-they” (with an additive of “seriously-just-get-to-it”). Yet through it all, I’d be [...]

Torchlight II Written by on

Dungeon crawlers have a complex allure to them, because they’re primarily time-suckers. See, it’s no secret that RPG elements and large amounts of content can make an inviting game, but the challenge in creating a truly impressive experience has a lot to do with time management. Whether you’re building an MMO or a large, partially-randomized [...]

Dead Space 3 Written by on February 18, 2013

The Dead Space series is something I honestly never thought I’d get into, if only for poor development. The original had a defaulted motion lag to it for Xbox, which inflicted nausea upon me if I played for longer than 30 minutes or so. Yet from the stems of Dead Space impressively blossomed a franchise rivaling some of the [...]

Ra Ra Riot: “Beta Love” Written by on February 5, 2013

“Here you are you are breathing life into Ghost under rocks, like notes found In pocket coats of your fathers, Lost and forgotten” -Ra Ra Riot, “Ghost Under Rocks” “Ghost Under Rocks” was, for many, the first track heard from Ra Ra Riot, as it was the opener on 2008′s The Rhumb Line. I place it [...]

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