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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Raid: Redemption

I don’t often clap in theaters. Even so I’ll grant a good film its dues when the credits roll, or after a scene I’d been waiting for finishes. But it’s a rare moment indeed when an action film, with no prior literature to stem from, provokes me to applaud even before it ends. The Raid: [...]

Think Inside The Redbox Quick Reviews

Life has gotten ever busier. As a way to try and keep up with some movies you may have missed (or should stay away from) Redbox: Quick Reviews is here to help. Instead of category scoring, the scores will be based on the films’ overall quality. Killer Elite This movie has plenty of star power, between [...]

State Your Case: Wrestlemania

WWE and pro-wrestling appears to be a guilty pleasure for many TV viewers these days despite its ever growing media exposure. Gone are the days where just about everyone I knew watched wrestling every week, always gathering to discuss it before the start of school. I never understood why there seemed to be a cut-off [...]

Miike Snow: “Happy to You”

Miike Snow is one of those bands who could easily become a pop culture phenomenon. They sit among Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, and the new age of stripped-down, minimalist pop, a genre quickly becoming this generation’s most interesting and infectious. Yet with Bloodshy and Avant at the helm, two of pop music’s strongest writers/producers (responsible for [...]

Tales of Graces f

Almost a month ago, Tales of Graces f finally reached the American shores.  Originally being released in December of 2009 for the Wii and again in December of 2010 on the PS3 abroad, it has been a very long-awaited release here.  I was originally planning on reviewing this game before its release, but ultimately decided [...]

Alcatraz Finale

One season into Alcatraz, and it’s already starting to show its wear. For all the fuss over its originality and the great names behind it, the show-runners forgot to do anything new or exciting with Alcatraz past its initial premise. Yes, there is still an overshadowing mystery, but for the same reason that NBC’s Grimm is such [...]

Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s: “Rot Gut, Domestic”

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s  are starting to take a cue or two from the industry. Rot Gut, Domestic, their latest album since 2010′s Buzzard, is a less refined, grungier effort than practically anything in their entire discography. Drug rock at its best dressed-up, Rot Gut no doubt was created with concerts and stoners in [...]


Are there rules anymore for when TV shows can start airing? NBC seems to be doing its very best to subvert convention, usurping the ritual of fall/spring/summer schedules with surprise hiatuses, strange schedules, and a March premiere for Bent. It’s a disappointment too, because Bent could have made a solid impression if it was introduced somewhere [...]

Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer

Doctor Who returns to BBC America later this year!

Angry Birds Space

I was actually a bit late jumping on board the smartphone train, which is surprising considering how interested and up-to-speed I tend to be on the latest technological advances. My first smartphone was the Droid X, which came out around the same time the first Angry Birds started getting popular. It being my first smartphone, [...]