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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Louisville Arcade Expo Coming Soon!

The Signal will be at the Louisville Arcade Expo this weekend! We will be live blogging the tournaments and events as well as posting pictures and video from the weekend. Stay tuned.

Think Inside the (Red)Box: Moneyball

Moneyball is not a sports movie. If a genre existed where drama was supplanted at times by pure statistics, you’d find this film their ultimate staple. But alas, everybody looking for a rags-to-riches story of a team that found heart amidst the game, be warned: Moneyball isn’t about the team at all. It’s about general [...]

Dear Esther

What you must know about me before reading this review is that I’m a very empathic person. When called upon to relate to an emotion, whether fictional or not, I’m more likely to react to the intended mood with modest intensity. Many don’t share this trait and therefore differ in opinion on some of my [...]

Portlandia: “Feminist Bookstore’s 10th Anniversary”

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are an impressive comedic team; it’s no wonder that IFC advertises Portlandia as its primary intellectual property. Never slow or devoid of humor, Portlandia is essentially a sketch comedy with one or two continuing storylines per episode. It all centers around the city of Portland, a community which has in [...]

The Signal’s 2012 Oscar Picks

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why those of us that actually care about the Oscars actually, you know, care about the Oscars. A lot of our friends think we’re either weird or star-crazed or simply misguided sports fans looking for a competitive fix until March Madness starts. And we’ll spend weeks – months sometimes – [...]

Grimes: “Visions”

It’s hard to take Grimes seriously at first when the album art for Visions screams practically the opposite message of the music itself. Take a good hard look to the left of this text. This is the cover for an electronic album solely created by Canadian musician Claire Boucher. She’s certainly making a statement here [...]

Sleigh Bells: “Reign of Terror”

Is is possible to avert the hype machine that Sleigh Bells commands? Treats was 2010′s destructive album of its year, vibrant and alive in ways most bands would kill for, a powerhouse in its own right. And what better idea for their sophomore effort than to establish a moniker for their aptly named Reign of [...]

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Alan Wake was a partially ambitious 2010 game from Remedy Entertainment. Considering these were the guys who gave us the first couple of Max Payne installments, Alan Wake didn’t represent a major leap in gameplay or production. Nevertheless, it garnered enough of a fan base to warrant continuous content from Remedy, thanks to a strong [...]

Glee: Get or Forget “On Our Way”

I’m NOT gonna back down off of my soapbox to my friends about “Glee” until they give it a real chance, but I’m not here to convince you that the show is worth your time too. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since watching this show, it’s that it can’t be for everyone. The show [...]