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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Antlers: “Together” EP

As The Antlers’ latest LP came out a couple months before The Signal began, we never got to fully review their second effort. But for recap’s sake, Burst Apart was excellent, but it was definitely no album-of-the-year. It had a few truly exquisite tracks, and served as an appropriate follow-up to Hospice even though it [...]

Terra Nova: Recap

I honestly never believed we’d be this far into Terra Nova. But I never thought I’d be so glad that we were, either. Only a couple of full episodes into Terra Nova, I had personally written it off as a semi-engaging show with the potential for tons of fun and excitement, off-set by some glaring [...]

Bored to Death: “Forget the Herring”

I had just begun to lose hope in Bored to Death, HBO’s raunchy-but-classy little comedy. I’d made up my mind to continue watching but with an obvious hesitance, mainly because it started living up to its own name. If you haven’t watched before, Bored to Death stars Jason Schwartzman as a novelist named Jonathan Ames [...]

The Walking Dead: “Pretty Much Dead Already”

As far as mid-season finales go, The Walking Dead did something right which few shows can. They ended multiple story arcs in a satisfying way, and most importantly they didn’t give the audience any silly cliffhangers. Of course our journeyers’ survival and their time with Hershel will all be reckoned out once the show returns, [...]

The Muppets

For all of you who grew up with a Muppets movie or watched The Muppet Show while growing up, this year’s The Muppets movie should be at the top of your must-see list. It can best be described as a classic return to form for both these rag-tag puppets and the style of comedy that [...]

Think Inside the (red)Box : The Green Lantern

It’s only fair that you know my background before hearing my thoughts on this film. I have to admit I have never once read a physical comic book. I feel like this is an argument against me being a complete nerd (some people claim that I am.) I tell you this so you know that [...]

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

When the Wii came out in 2006, Nintendo fans collectively dreamed of its capabilities for the Legend of Zelda series. EvenĀ  when the iconic system started to fall out of good graces with the public for less-than-impressive support from both first and third parties, there was always an unspoken wish among fans that a new [...]


It’s not quite obvious whether Grimm came about as NBC’s answer to Once Upon a Time or not; the comparisons are certainly easy enough to make. But instead of relying on a bit of fairy tale charm and magic in the way of its competitor, Grimm goes an unexpected direction and winds up in the [...]

Modern Warfare 3

Nick and I were fighting over who would have to be the one to find a way to get their hands on this game to review it. Apparently I lost. I actually just picked this game up from redbox for an evening and honestly that was plenty of time for me to get a good [...]

Indie Gaming: DLC Quest

When I first heard tell of DLC Quest, my brain started spinning. To play a game that itself was a satire on our DownLoadable Content-heavy culture sounded exactly like what the pretentious critic in me always wanted but never knew I wanted. And for a buck, too! I threw the 80 credits at XBox Live [...]