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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Dear Hunter: Violet EP

The Violet EP is Casey Crescenzo, AKA The Dear Hunter, doing what he does best. His previous works have had a story-telling nature, utilizing an orchestra’s worth of talent to produce singular songs that have a grandeur to them. If forced to classify, I’d call it “progressive alternative,” but in reality these songs stand out [...]

Breaking Bad: “Problem Dog”

“I’ll kill him.” These were just three little words, spoken with the weight of the world behind them. Jesse Pinkman has finally become the product of all his actions, moving from his nightmarish post-homicidal weeks into a slowly more self-accepting man. It’s this tidbit from “Problem Dog” that most stands out in my mind as [...]

30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less is another one of these “take an idea and let it loose” comedy films. Horrible Bosses was in this same ballpark, but I’ll tell you right away that if I had to choose between the two I’d choose Bosses every time. In fact, it’s how I’ve been presenting the film all [...]

Show of the Week: Futurama

All cartoons are easy to overlook as legitimate television for adult audiences. The simplest reason why boils down to their limitless potential, which sounds like a perfect positive but can tend to hurt a show’s focus and therefore its general allure. Whereas even a more ridiculous show set in reality has the good fortune of [...]

Happy Maddenreleasemas!

Happy Maddenreleasemas! I can’t believe it is upon us already. This great holiday comes once a year. Maddenreleasemas – just the word makes me feel like I’m 12 again. Yes my friends, October 30 is the release date for Madden 12, most definitely the best and most anticipated release in the Madden franchise (that is, [...]

Through Skilled Coordination: The Competitive Gamer – Part 1

The world of professional gaming has taken video games by storm. Recreational players now become rabid fast-as-lightning virtual killing machines with just the requirement of quick reflexes. Console games have done wonders to bring the competition to the players, creating new niches for gamers who used to play casually with friends. These new competitive players [...]

Think Inside the (red)Box: Arthur

Do you like Russell Brand? I’ll give you a quick second to answer that. Done? Congratulations, your answer to that question will also tell you whether or not to watch Arthur, one of Hollywood’s latest stabs at a successful remake. The entire film is one long homage to Russell Brand’s childish and quick-witted brand of [...]

だ ってばよ! Canaan

It’s been a long time since an anime based in the modern world graced my library and Canaan was a welcome change.  Biochemical warfare is beginning to wreak havoc on the world and has already devastated the lives of many.  Canaan follows the lives of multiple characters from different countries trying to cope with the [...]

Show of the Week: Alphas

I imagine many science fiction fans have a love-hate relationship with the SyFy channel.  They have the ability to produce once-in-a-lifetime shows such as Battlestar Galactica, but recently they’ve become host to a plethora of ghost shows and the occasional interesting series. Yet even within their best efforts a not-so-subtle lack of quality production value [...]

Breaking Bad: “Shotgun”

Something was wrong as I began this week’s episode of Breaking Bad.  There was a startling lack of urgency in my mien, tense though the introductory sequence and implied episode content would be, and it took a moment or two to determine why.  The same ill effect had softened my gaze on Breaking Bad during [...]